The Doors are Closing Soon in Malta

Deals on a major foreign direct investment project in Gozo are being concluded, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this evening.

Speaking in Xaghra, he said the new investment would be creating a new sector and be a motor of competitiveness. Once it was announced, he said, the necessary changes had to be made as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister spoke about the importance that young Gozitans had the same opportunities as their Maltese counterparts to find a job.

He noted that while only 18 jobs were created in the last year of the Nationalist legislature, his government created more than 500 jobs in Gozo alone in just one year.

This was all a sign of what yet had to be done, he said.

Dr Muscat said Gozo had experienced two of its best ever summers and saw its economy being jolted when a film that was originally intended to be shot in Malta was shot in Gozo.

In obvious reference to allegations that former Minister Giovanna Debono’s husband used public funds to carry out free construction works for her constituents, Dr Muscat said Pandora’s box was opening after 25 years.

He said that the repugnant system that was used was being uncovered had he hoped the truth would come out in the coming weeks for those who should shoulder responsibility to do so.

He also called on people who had information that could help to come forward saying the Whistleblower Act was there to be used.

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